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SIMCo is a holding company for various brands, concepts, products and technologies in the international sports entertainment industry.

SIMCo was founded in 2015 in Monterrey, Mexico with the goal of promoting sports such as golf and baseball through the use of new and innovative technologies.

Our company has been a pioneer in sports and entertainment, offering our customers new experiences and ways of maximizing revenue in specialized spaces.

SIMCo has continued to grow steadily and has set its sights on new horizons, including expansion in different territories and countries through a scalable, standardized, and franchisable model for our innovative technologies and concepts: Mulligan’s, Batbox and Golf Station.

What we do?

We combine the best sports and technology to create new entertainment spaces and concepts.


Make indoor sports the new and main form of entertainment.


Become the leading sports entertainment company with the most locations in the continent by 2025.

We're Entertainment

We are entertainment specialists, offering a unique way to have fun in a new, experiential way.

We're Innovation

We are innovators, creating and building transcendental experiences and concepts.

We're Technology

We are technology enthusiasts, using the best sports simulators in the world to ensure the highest quality experience in our spaces.

We're Sports

We are sports enthusiasts, making sports accessible and enjoyable in a unique, social, and fun way.

Division: Concepts

We create and develop entertainment concepts combining the newest technology with the best gastronomy, mixology and sports.

Additionally, We offer investment projects through franchises in Mexico and the United States. Our goal is to bring these experiences to even more people in different markets. 

Division: Technologies

We are the official distributors for the most important and sophisticated entertainment sports technology brands in the world: Golfzon and Strikezon.

We offer a comprehensive service from design, logistics, installation, construction and after-sales service to complete business models.


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